Designing a successful master bathroom experience requires many elements to harmonise in just the right ways.

From cabinets and tiling, to flooring and mirror frames, each detail needs to impress. Among the long list of these little details includes the towel radiator.

The towel radiator is perhaps the most important piece of hardware within a bathroom as far as comfort and luxury is concerned.

At Designer Radiator Showroom our designer models are curated from all over the globe, so we can offer you the top styles to accompany your lovely bath. If you have a traditional bath, our catalog offers several classic exposed-pipe options, such as our Vogue Regency and the Aestus Chelsea.

Aestus Chelsea

Aestus Chelsea

Within your sleek, modern bath our elegant Reina Bivano or Imola each provide a stunning display that will complement your entire space with rectilinear simplicity.

Our Bisque Svelte model displays a more masculine form, and its aluminum construction decreases heat-up times and weight. If you prefer a more industrial look, we have options that fit that style as well.

Bisque Svelte

Bisque Svelte

Pair your iron medicine cabinet and clawfoot tub with a Vogue Arcadia. We also offer hard-to-find unique shapes and sizes to finish your exclusive bathroom.

The Aeon Bosporus offers staggered shelving and a hanging rod, while the wall-mounted Aeon S-Type features two cube shapes.

Another stunning form among our shapes is the Bisque Hot Hoop, as a full circle this towel radiator is sure to impress, combine two of the three available sizes for an even more impressive display.

Bisque Hot Hoop

Our entire collection of radiators is subject to our 30 Year Guarantee and crafted from the finest materials with safety as a priority. Every person should experience the splendid feeling of a hot towel after a shower or relaxing bath.

Give yourself this luxury daily, without hassle, by installing a towel radiator in your next project.

Our massive library of available styles, shapes, and designs is sure to contain a piece that will blend with your existing bathroom perfectly.